Paid Ads Site Case Study

Paid Ads Site overview

Niche: Entertainment/music

Founded: The site was originally seeded in December 2020 with 12 articles. Then left it alone until July 2021, and have started publishing regularly since then.

Site Strategy: Attract organic search traffic with low competition informational content and monetize with display advertising. Currently set up with Ezoic network (set up in August 2021).

Site Content: Primary focus is on search terms and topics with low-to-no competition. There is still lots of product-related content, but not going after anything competitive (for now anyway).

Starting with a sub-niche within my overall niche and going deep on that to build topical authority and relevance.

Domain: Fresh domain (not aged/expired). Super broad name allowing many smaller ‘niches’ to be included and covered over time.


traffic and revenue breakdown