Ways To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

The basic idea behind affiliate marketing is that you help someone else make money, and as a way of saying thank you, they give you a commission for the sales you generated for them.

You can do this with e-commerce stores like Amazon, or for smaller companies and services too. I’m actively involved with affiliate marketing, and it’s my main online income stream.

The Publishing Model (Content Site)

My other main online income stream is from a technique referred to as the ‘publishing model’, or ‘content site’. The idea is that you publish articles that people will come to your site to read, and then monetize their attention with display advertising.

There are many benefits to this model, but you have to be very careful which articles you publish to make maximize your chance of success.

Local SEO

You can apply SEO skills to local businesses, and help them get more customers as a result of increased website traffic from Google. Local SEO tends to be a lot less competitive so this can be a great thing to practice in the beginning to try and get some results.

You can either sell this as a service to local businesses or create your own business website, get it ranking and then refer those leads you generate to a local business for a fee.


Ecommerce is the business model of selling physical products, through an online store.

Amazon is the perfect example of an e-commerce business, but you can have success with a smaller store as well. I’m not personally involved in eCommerce, but many people have had huge success with it.

Selling Knowledge

If you possess certain knowledge or expertise that other people would benefit from you could potentially monetize the process of transferring that knowledge from your brain to theirs.

There are many ways to do this online including:

  • Selling Online Courses
  • eBooks
  • Membership Programs
  • Online Coaching

Just to name a few.

Selling information can be a very lucrative business model as there are very few costs in the delivery of the product.