Income Report – October 2022

I’ll tell you what…. I am sick and tired of talking about Google Algorithm updates in these posts, but here we are again, talking about another one. The month of October was going great, until late, then Google pushed out ANOTHEr update, which hit me reasonably hard this time. I’ve been hit before and bounced … Read more

Income Report – September 2022

September was a great month all around! Yet another algorithm rolled out. It feels like there is a new one every month, and there basically has been this year. Sometimes two in a month. I’ve been working a lot for an SEO agency as well as my day job, as well as working on my … Read more

Income Report – August 2022

August was a great month all around! Traffic was up, impressions were up, commissions were up, and ad revenue was up. I’ve been working on various design optimizations and content upgrades, so it is good to see some positive results. After being hit, at least mildly from a few of the previous algorithm updates, it … Read more

Income Report – July 2022

Overall, both case study sites showed gentle improvement throughout the month of July. Though overall revenue hasn’t picked up again, traffic on both sites is trending back up to the levels they were reaching prior to the recent Google update. I’ve been working on a variety of design optimizations, as well as content upgrades, so … Read more

Income Report – June 2022

Throughout the month of June, I have continued to try and evaluate the impact of the May core update on our case study sites. Even though the update has reportedly finished rolling out, I am still seeing some significant volatility in some of my highest-ranking pages and posts, so it doesn’t feel like it has … Read more

Income Report – May 2022

May 2022 was a big month in the SEO world, with Google rolling out a significant update to its ranking algorithm. All those in the industry were nervously awaiting it as these updates can have a big impact on their site performance, and therefore earnings. In this monthly update, I’ll give the usual updates on … Read more