Income Report – February 2024

Looking at this month’s data, I’m not inclined to think that things are much ‘better’ – but they aren’t much worse than the previous month. Given the number of manual spam penalties I have seen being applied to many other publishers, I need to be thankful for that. The Ad Revenue index is marginally up, … Read more

Income Report – January 2024

Given historical trends I was expecting a traffic and EPMV decrease for January, and my expectations were, unfortunately, met. The positive I can take from this is that the reductions were consistent with industry trends, and not necessarily a sign of further declines in my site’s Google rankings. The negative is that the traffic continues … Read more

Income Report – December 2023

Just when I thought the decline in traffic to my site was slowing down, there was another percentage significant drop throughout December, and I don’t even need to zoom out to see it. It is clear as daylight. I’ve given up trying to stay up to date with what Google is doing and any updates … Read more

Income Report – November 2023

If I ignore the previous 6 months, and just compare this month to last month – things look like they have been relatively stable in terms of traffic and revenue. But when I zoom out to include the months prior to the infamous Helpful Content Update, I’m quickly reminded how far I have fallen. I’ve … Read more

Ezoic Niche Index Report – Free Ad Rate Analysis Tool

If you’re looking for a valuable tool to help you analyze niche trends and ad performance across different countries, then I recommend you have a look at the Niche Index Report. This free tool, created by Ezoic, provides access to a portion of their proprietary data set, allowing you to see how different niches perform … Read more

Income Report – October 2023

I feel bad but it seems like the only thing that gets attention in these updates is Google algo updates. They are coming out with such speed, and having such an impact on the website industry that it is impossible to keep up. I’m “pleased” to report that overall, there has been no further decline, … Read more

Income Report – September 2023

Another month, another Google Search algorithm update. I do not think I have seen so much drama, and such widespread website trafic reductions in years. Google clearly had a plan of the type of sites they wanted to promote, and they went hard, leaving a lot of collateral damage in their wake. Like so many … Read more

Income Report – August 2023

Though Impressions and Page Views for August were very similar to July, revenue for the month of August was lower. However the cause for this drop was not due to EPMV, but a big decrease in affiliate earnings through Amazon. I will unpack the statistics and other August events (including the recent Algo update!) throughout … Read more

Income Report – July 2023

Though July was a positive month for traffic and impressions (they both went up), revenue was down by a decent percentage, wiping out the gains I had steadily banked over the last few months, Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll deep dive into the statistics, and uncover where the revenue loss can be attributed, … Read more

Income Report – June 2023

Following up on very positive news in May, June brought more good news, with this case study site seeing significant percentage increases in all important metrics. Traffic, EPMV, Impressions, ad income, and affiliate income were all up. This growth seems to be due to increased content output of topics well matched to my site’s content … Read more