Income Report – August 2023

Though Impressions and Page Views for August were very similar to July, revenue for the month of August was lower. However the cause for this drop was not due to EPMV, but a big decrease in affiliate earnings through Amazon. I will unpack the statistics and other August events (including the recent Algo update!) throughout … Read more

Income Report – July 2023

Though July was a positive month for traffic and impressions (they both went up), revenue was down by a decent percentage, wiping out the gains I had steadily banked over the last few months, Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll deep dive into the statistics, and uncover where the revenue loss can be attributed, … Read more

Income Report – June 2023

Following up on very positive news in May, June brought more good news, with this case study site seeing significant percentage increases in all important metrics. Traffic, EPMV, Impressions, ad income, and affiliate income were all up. This growth seems to be due to increased content output of topics well matched to my site’s content … Read more

Income Report – May 2023

May analysis brought the welcome news that traffic and impressions are slowly nudging up. This news is always welcomed in an era of constant Google algorithm updates and never-ending horror stories from other site owners about sites being decimated in reductions to organic traffic. I attribute most of this to new articles created using the … Read more

My Experience With Humix So Far

In this article, I share some statistics and information about the impact of Humix on my Ezoic monthly income to give you a reference point on what you might be able to achieve on your own site if you join Ezoic and utilize the Humix platform. The traffic and revenue numbers mentioned in this post … Read more

Using Humix To Monetize Your Web Traffic With Video

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the trend of video consumption on the Internet. With the rise of social media platforms and streaming services, people are spending more time watching videos online than ever before.  This trend can be attributed to a number of factors, including the widespread availability of high-speed … Read more

Income Report – April 2023

April brought in relatively similar revenue to the previous month, but we had a clear increase in EPMV and ad revenue on the outdoors affiliate site. On the Entertainment site, revenue continued to fall, even though page views continued to rise. Most of the month’s work was done filtering existing content and planning new content, … Read more

Income Report – March 2023

It has been an interesting month of data analysis, reflection, and AI experimentation to try and decide what direction to go with my web publishing business, and though I am not certain I know what to do, or what is likely to be more successful, I have a plan that I will execute, and then … Read more