Case Studies

Historic Statistics of Some Real Life Websites

I have WAY more websites than I should.

I would probably have more success, much quicker, if I just focused on one or two.

But have handpicked two of them to share in-depth information regarding what I have done in terms of content and publishing, and what the results have been in terms of impressions, page views, and income.

Two different sites are covered, each with a different content strategy and business model.

These sites a very ‘modest’ in terms of their performance, but wanted to share them as an example of potential growth trajectories when building sites as a ‘side hustle’.

Could have/would have been a lot more successful with more attention to any one site, even just two sites, and minimized the thousand other ‘projects’ I keep starting.

That’s the plan going forward.

Affiliate Website

Established 2020.

Monetized with a combination of affiliate commissions (primary income source) and paid ads.

Paid Ads Site

Established 2021.

Monetized with paid ads (primary income source), and will add affiliate offers at a later date. 200+ posts and growing.