Affiliate Site Case Study

affiliate site overview

Niche: Outdoors

Founded: Firstly article was published in June 2020, and I have been publishing reasonably regularly since then.

Affiliate Site Strategy: Attract organic search traffic with content and monetize via physical product commissions and display advertising. Connected to a variety of affiliate programs that look after a variety of retailers in this niche, plus one direct-to-brand deal.

Recently added display advertising using Ezoic (in August 2021). Not expecting huge returns on this, and have been very conservative with ad placement, but hoping it slowly grows into a nice additional income stream. This is more of a learning opportunity for me, as opposed to the core business model.

Site Content: A mixture of money (best xyz etc) and informational content. Currently have approximately 200 articles published. Have a few more keywords I want to cover, but once they are done will focus on overall authority building and ease off on the content creation.

Around 50 articles are ‘best xyz’ pages with supporting info articles linked using a ‘reverse silo’ structure. Plus a range of other general topical content.


Traffic and revenue breakdown